Enhancing the Profitability of Your Dealership

Lifeline Business Solutions provides a wide range of cost effective, affordable service solutions for enhancing the profitability of your dealership.

Services may vary depending on your specific needs and situation but will usually include one or more of the following.

Financial Performance Analysis

4-wheeler-freedomThis is an in depth review of the dealership’s financial statements.  Assuming the company has been in business for more than 3 years the analysis will include a breakdown of all financial ratios and comparative review from the key components of the company’s financial statements.  The results will then be broken down into a three year trend analysis.  If the dealership has in-house computer generated balance sheet and profit and loss statements, the last two years will be further broken down into a product margin analysis and volume component analysis.

The results will be reviewed by each component with a description in laymen’s terms of the ratio, what is considered to be the norm and a comparative analysis of the company’s performance

You will receive:

  • Three year trend analysis sheet
  • 2 year in-house statement analysis of sales margins and volume results by product group
  • Descriptive review of each analyzed component and the company’s comparative results
  • Summary report of the company’s financial performance and recommendations for changes to enhance profitability
  • A report of the industrial average for each component

Business Plan

The Business Plan will first set out the dealership’s goals and objectives, strategies for achievement of the goals, a measurement of success and target date for completion.  We will then perform a Financial Performance Analysis and projected statements for the business plan period.

You will receive:

  • A chart of the company’s goals and objectives
  • A compete Financial Performance Analysis
  • Spread Sheet of projected revenues and expenses for the business plan period
  • Projected Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet for the Period
  • Summary of recommended credit requirements and adjustments to maximize profit for the Business Plan period

Cash Flow Statement

This is a statement of revenue and expense for a given period of time.  Different from a Profit & Loss Statement it does not estimate profit, but does provide projected excesses and deficiencies in revenue by month based on the company’s projected sales, purchases and expenses for the period.  This is critical for projecting your credit line requirements during the given period where the company’s expenditures are in excess of its revenue on a month to month basis.

You will receive:

  • Detailed spread sheet based on the company’s forecasted income and expenditures for a given period broken down on a monthly basis
  • Summary report recommending requirements for operating lines of credit and the requirements for a bank proposal should the company need to make an application for an operating line of credit

Bank Proposal

open-roadA bank proposal is probably one of the most challenging documents to prepare to achieve the company’s requirement to secure an adequate operating line of credit.  It must include a business plan, cash flow projected statement, ratio analysis and a firm understanding of the company’s credit requirements.  With this information in hand a bank can prepare their risk analysis and initiate their requirements to secure the requested operating line of credit.

You will receive:

  • Business Plan
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Summary report of the company’s financial performance
  • Summary recommendations on whether a bank will look favourably on the company’s request for an operating line of credit

Inventory Finance Analysis

A dealer should review their credit line requirements for floor plan financing on an annual basis and adjust them accordingly depending of the development of each season.  The requirements must include an analysis of projected purchases, sales, and anticipated carryover by month for the year.  This will provide a maximum wholesale credit line requirement for the year.

You will receive:

  • Spread sheet of current outstandings, projected purchases, sales and carryover
  • Summary recommendation for wholesale credit line
  • Recommendations for inventory management to minimize curtailments and floor plan interest expense

In addition to the above, Lifeline Business Solutions partners with a broad range of proven professional specialists to provide you with affordable “one-stop” business solutions. These services include:

  • Marketing
  • Selling Techniques - Needs Selling Solutions provides impactful solutions to help companies profitably develop growth opportunities, build strong customer relationships, enhance organizational selling skills and increase effectiveness thoroughout the sales process.
  • Training
  • Information Technology - Piggybank Technology creates websites that go "Ka-ching"! Web Design and Development built to achieve real results for your small business.
  • Human Resources
  • Business Coaching - Martin Povey owns Building Your Business and is a business and marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses that need focus, direction and creative solutions to build their business and achieve their goals.

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