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Frank Rumbauskas, creator of the Never Cold Call Program, writes that the reason we don't open unsolicited emails is because we know full well that it's someone either trying to sell us something or trying to get something for free. In other words, there's an instant perception that there is no value in it for me. He writes that the acronym for this is called WIIFM = What's In It For Me. The newsletter you receive from Lifeline Business Solutions is very focused on providing you a WIIFM that may just help you better manage your business. Find out what's your WIIFM.

I must admit that whenever I receive an unsolicited call from a salesperson there's rarely a WIIFM, so I don't call back or respond to the email. This made me start thinking about my own Newsletter that I send out to Marine and Motorsports dealers every two weeks.

I would be lying if I did not admit that one of my goals is to hopefully have an opportunity to talk with you about your business and work to enhance your profitability. However, my reasons for sending you articles every two weeks runs much deeper than trying to solicit new business.

Imagine you have worked in an industry for 30 years and have had the opportunity to experience all of the right and wrong things to do in business that can result in success or failure. As a General Manager of Financial Services this is exactly what I have been a part of throughout my career. So where is your WIIFM?

Regardless of how long you have been in business, you can always learn something new that can help build profitability. The purpose of my newsletter is to give you these nuggets of information that will provoke thought, and hopefully action, to make significant changes to your business. I have had the opportunity to assess thousands of dealer statements over my career. This gives me a unique perspective of what successful dealers do in their business and, more important, what failing businesses don't do.

So this is my forum to pay it forward to you with information that you may not have previously been privy to. Whether it is about salaries, interest expense, working capital, inventory, and the list goes on, it's all there in these newsletters and my website News and Views section at www.lifelinebusinesssolutions.com.

I know you probably receive dozens of emails every day, but the next time you receive this newsletter, don't hit the delete button because there is a definite WIIFM attached to each article. There IS something in it for you. There is no cost to you other than 5 minutes of your time to read and receive information that may improve your profitability.

If the owner of the dealership is not receiving this newsletter, pass it on. I think he or she will thank you for it!

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