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 Inventory Management - Myth Or Magic?

In the recreational product industry, unit inventory is your lifeline to success or failure in business.  Ken Blanchard and Don Hutson write in The One Minute Entrepreneur that "Many entrepreneurs go out of business because they don't know how to manage their money – they don't realize that their success depends on cash, cash, cash".

Do You Have a Guaranteed Return on Your Investment?

There are very few guarantees in life, but I can guarantee you that I’ll find a minimum 10 to1 return on your investment in my services through an analysis of your financial statements.

"Show Me the Money"

We all know that classic line from the movie “Jerry McGuire” when Cuba Gooding Jr. tells Jerry to “Show Me The Money”Cuba’s talents are on the football field, while Jerry’s talents are in teaching Cuba what he needs to do to land the big contract.  As a business owner your talents are running a successful dealership, while as a Profit Solution Specialist, my talents are in showing you where the money is – more money than you’d ever think!

Profit Is Not A Dirty Four Letter Word

Contrary to popular opinion, profit is not a dirty word and is something you deserve for your time, effort, expertise and "RISK". 

My name is Chris Brown and as I state on my home page, it is my mission to help business owners maximize their profit potential.  No matter how successful you are, there is always room for growth and fine tuning.  This is not just another marketing ploy!  I worked beside you for 30 years and have seen the peaks and valleys and know the pit falls.  There is an old cliché that asks “How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from”.  I want you to take a few minutes out of your day and write down your answers to these questions.

At Last, An Independent Profit Solutions Specialist You Know And Can Trust!

My name is Chris Brown.  My sole purpose in business is to maximize your profit potential and help you achieve the profitability you want and deserve. 

As you may know I have some 30 years of experience under my belt as a Manager of credit risk, inventory finance and retail finance in the recreational products industry and now I’m proud to announce the launch of my own company Lifeline Business Solutions.

How Bullheadedness Lead to Bankruptcy – A Case Study

There is an old adage that goes something like this. “Tomorrow morning before you unlock the door of your business, stand across the street and look at your building.  Observe the condition, the parking lot, signage, advertising billboards, lighting, window displays and ask yourself is this the image I want to portray to my customers”.

How Little Changes Can Mean Big Profits – A Case Study

A salesmen requested that I provide a financial analysis on a dealer’s last year’s financial statements.  He suspected, along with the owner, that the company’s inventory was too high for his sales and before booking more products wanted confirmation of his concern.

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Lisa Marie on Chris Brown, Lifeline Business Solutions

Lisa Marie

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"When it comes to Finance and Commercial Credit, he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. No one I know has more in-depth experience or understands distribution finance better than Chris"

- Joe Conte, Canadian Counsel, Textron Financial Canada Limited

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My promise of performance

A guarantee that you will receive a minimum 10:1 return on your investment in my services through a ratio and percentage analysis of your financial statements that will identify realistic adjustments you can make to add profit to your business.

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