Motivating Your Staff For Success


The general consensus has always been that employees are only interested in money, so companies focus on this as their primary motivator. Whether it is an annual raise or bonus, the fixation is on winning employee’s loyalty and work ethic through their remuneration. Numerous university studies have proven that financial rewards only account for 50% of an employee’s job satisfaction. What makes up the other 50%?


There is no denying that people have a dollar value in mind they expect based on the perceived value they think they bring to an organization. While companies need to be sensitive to their staff’s expectations, the motivation gained through raises or bonuses is very short lived.


People need to feel they are a part of the success of a company, so a key motivator is including your staff in the decision making process. Weekly or monthly staff meetings centred on planning and executing immediate and long term goals is a sure fire way to motivate. Soliciting ideas and strategies from your staff builds self worth and a feeling of contributing to the organization.


In fact, there was a recent article on the Yahoo Today home page that talked about sign’s to watch out for in case of impending termination. A key concern is when you are being left out of weekly meetings or not asked for your input or ideas. As a owner/manager you may think that the individual is so competent or self motivated that you do not have to pay attention to this need. I can assure you that this is one of the worst non-motivators, because it builds distrust and insecurity in your staff.


Some of my clients have told me that the first thing they do when we complete their business plan is share it with their employees. They are very proud of their initiative to incorporate this new tool and the staff gets a sense of security that the owner is willing to share the information and is finding new ways to strengthen the company.


A University of Michigan study suggested that the best motivator originates from staff seeing their work appreciated by others. It is incumbent on management to recognize verbally or in writing when staff have done a good job or reached out beyond their normal duties. A pat on the back is invaluable to a person’s self esteem.


The study takes this one step further in suggesting that you create ways for customers to give feedback to your employees. Sending an email with a rating card out to customers after their purchase or service is invaluable to provide feedback to your staff on their performance. Whether the response is negative or positive, this is a great way to motivate people to either continue their positive efforts or improve.


Empowering employees with a special project or task is another great way to motivate. People are much more likely to feel motivated if they are personally responsible for completing a job.


Training can also be used as a valuable incentive. Giving an employee an opportunity to build on their skills or knowledge creates self satisfaction. It can be as simple as seminars on time management, dealing with stress or selling techniques. It can be more encompassing like sending your mechanics to service schools. Regardless, it is an opportunity for your employees to build on their self worth.


It is not always about the money! Look beyond bonuses for motivational tools that will inspire your employees. Get creative and not only will your staff be more engaged in the success of your company, but you will achieve this at less cost.





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