Can You Be Guaranteed a Return on Investment?

In my last newsletter we talked about how the rules in the finance world have changed since the recession. It would be a grave mistake to underestimate the impact these changes have had, because the financial community touches every aspect of our lives. So how do we cope? Read more.

We are a society who has been raised on credit. For us baby boomers, you will probably remember there was a time when our parents would not buy anything unless they could pay cash. That philosophy has certainly changed over the decades, supported by statistics that show we save less and are borrowing more than ever before.

Is this our fault or have we been lead down the garden path? I think to a certain extent we have felt entitled since we pursued our education, worked hard, put in long hours and therefore should reap the rewards. However, make no mistake, our financial institutions have lead us like sheep to the slaughter. There is no better evidence of this than the sub-prime mortgage fiasco that in my opinion was fostered by pure greed. Credit rules were relaxed, governing bodies looked the other way, and fraud became the flavour of the month.

If you watched 60 Minutes on Sunday night, you were probably as appalled as I was to learn how the major banks in the US got outside companies to create fictitious land title documents so they could foreclose on homeowners. Why? Because, in their haste to join the securitization gravy train they lost 1000's of records to show the passing of land titles. We are talking about billions of dollars!

These are the same financial institutions that have now turned the screws down on all of their lending practices. Many of my clients have told me that local knowledge of their business has no value anymore. It is only hard numbers that count and if you don't fall within their covenants, you are in trouble and you better be prepared to report to them within a moment's notice.

financial-planningSo how do you cope? Take control over your own destiny through analysis and planning. Your investment broker will tell you there are no guarantees, but I beg to differ. I GUARANTEE that if you incorporate financial performance analysis and business planning into your business, you will be more successful. How can I guarantee this – because our industry has never really embraced this process and every industry that does will tell you that it is essential for success.

The question is how much are you prepared to invest in your business success, knowing that there is a guarantee on the other end? I know that if an investment house guaranteed me a return on my portfolio despite the recent tanking of the stock market, I would be all ears.

Contact me and find out what your guaranteed return on investment could be.

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