Give the People What They Want!

The best marketing concepts aren't complicated. They are actually surprisingly simple. You can begin applying them today and start seeing immediate results.

Marketing is a much more prevalent and powerful force than most people realize. At the heart of all successful enterprises is a solid marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many small business owners are confused about exactly what marketing is and how it can help them build their businesses.

 Let me clear up the confusion once and for all. My simple definition of marketing is this: 'Marketing is all about helping people get what they want.'

That's it. You don't need any other definition or explanation but that one. Print it out and tape it somewhere so that you will see it and read it every day.

If you want to make more money tomorrow than you did today, then just apply that definition to everything you do in your business.

This is not how most small businesses operate. They operate from the standpoint of what the 'owners' want, not what the customers want.

Ask yourself, or better yet, ask your prospects and customers what they would like to see you do in your business to better help them get what they want. What can you do in your business to make it easier, less confusing, less complicated, less frustrating, etc. for your prospects and customers when they deal with your business?

How Do We Choose Who to Buy From?

If you are searching for a specific kind of product and business #1 doesn't have that product, but business #2 does, chances are you're going to purchase from business #2. Business #2 helped you get what you wanted.

But suppose both business #1 and business #2 have the exact product you want. How would you then decide which business to purchase from?

If you're like most people you would compare each store in relation to how well they can provide you with what you want. As you'll see, you don't only want the product. There are lots of other things that you want in relation to purchasing products and services.

You want:

1. A quality product
2. Size or feature options
3.   A good price
4.   A convenient location
5.   Convenient parking
6.   Convenient store hours
7.   Convenient payment options
8.   Friendly and attentive service
9.   To trust the business and it's employees
10. The product to perform as promised
11. To have the option of returning the item
12. A clean and professional atmosphere
13. Information about the product if you need it
14. Follow-up service, if needed
15. Helpful and knowledgeable staff
16. To be treated as an important customer
17. Etc.

This is just a partial list of 'wants' you might use to make your decision. Remember your prospects are using a similar list to decide whether they should buy from you, or one of your competitors.

The little things mean a lot and it's all in the details Don't think the little things don't matter - the little things are actually huge when it comes to marketing your business successfully. Tiny little things which may seem trivial on the surface can often make or break a business.


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