Do You Have a Guaranteed Return on Your Investment?

My name is Chris Brown, and many of you know me from my 28 years as a General Manager of Financial Services at Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.

My mission in my new business, Lifeline Business Solutions, is to help you enhance your profitability and achieve your goals. I achieve this by analyzing financial statements, business plans, cash flow budgets and inventory management.

There are very few guarantees in life, but I can guarantee you that I’ll find a minimum 10 to1 return on your investment in my services through an analysis of your financial statements.  What does that mean?  Through a ratio and percentage analysis of your inventory, sales and expenses, I will find realistic adjustments you can make in your business to increase your income by at least 10 times what it will cost you for the analysis.

I’m sending you this letter as a client told me he’d almost thrown my announcement fax in the garbage until he saw my name, realized who I was, and that he finally had an expert resource to work with who was industry savvy. Or, in his words, “You need to get it out there better that it’s you! Your analysis is very good, many of the things we already knew, but getting it in this format from an expert is just what I was after”.

Call me for a tele-consult, its complimentary! While there, subscribe to my newsletter and get periodic tips and solutions for your financial health. I’ve enclosed a sample for you.  I discovered there was a technical glitch in the “Subscribe to Newsletter” on my web site, so if you registered before please do so again.  I apologize for the inconvenience and am looking forward to discussing ways to maximize your profit potential.

Yours truly,

Chris E. Brown
Profit Solutions Specialist
Expert, Experienced, Enhancing Profitability

"Helping Dealers Who Want Or Need Guidance Maximizing Their Profit Potential"

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"When it comes to Finance and Commercial Credit, he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. No one I know has more in-depth experience or understands distribution finance better than Chris"

- Joe Conte, Canadian Counsel, Textron Financial Canada Limited

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A guarantee that you will receive a minimum 10:1 return on your investment in my services through a ratio and percentage analysis of your financial statements that will identify realistic adjustments you can make to add profit to your business.

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