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Am I satisfied with the lifestyle my business is providing? Yes No
Did I make the profit I wanted and expected last year? Yes No
Did I pay too much in floor plan interest expense? Yes No
Did I have to pay curtailments on my inventory? Yes No
Did I have any delays in receiving product due to credit line issues? Yes No
Do I know what my current wholesale credit line and bank line is? Yes No
Do I know how much is outstanding on my credit lines? Yes No
Was I able to meet my payable commitments on timely basis? Yes No
Do I have too much carryover inventory? Yes No
Do I know what operational changes I want to make to get a better return on my investment? Yes No

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These are just of few of the questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis.  No matter what the size of business, for example your manufacturer, accessory supplier or finance company, these are the types of questions that they review and set out in a business plan annually, bi-yearly and quarterly.  Why not apply this winning formula to your business.

Were you able to answer all of these questions positively?  Were all of your answers in line with your goals and objectives?  If the answer is no then why not call me for a complimentary tele-consult.  Put my experience to work for you and put more dollars to your bottom line! 

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