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Motivating Your Staff For Success

The general consensus has always been that employees are only interested in money, so companies focus on this as their primary motivator. Whether it is an annual raise or bonus, the fixation is on winning employees loyalty and work ethic through their remuneration. Numerous university studies have proven that financial rewards only account for 50% of an employee’s job satisfaction. What makes up the other 50%?

How Do You Create Floor Traffic In Your Store?

In the Motorsport and Marine Business, consumers want and need to touch and feel what they are contemplating on buying. Despite our concerns over internet shopping and how it will hurt retail sales at the store level, floor traffic is still your best opportunity for making sales. So how do you create more floor traffic in your store?

How A Change In Lifestyle Can Relate To Business

I have recently had the daunting task of moving my Mom to an independent living senior’s residence. I am sure many of you have endured the same experience with a loved one. I am amazed at the business lessons I learned through the process that I think are worthy of sharing. Read More.

Taking Control Over Your Business

Do you ever feel like everyone else is controlling your business but you? The pressure from suppliers, staff and government to name a few, can be overwhelming and make you feel like you have little control over the daily operation of your business. But wait -there is a solution. Read More

Rightsizing Your Business For Success

We are led to believe that success and profit is predicated on the growth of your business. The more units, parts, accessories and service you sell the more profitable you will be. We certainly know that a healthy economy is reliant on a certain level of growth in GDP and employment. But is that true for business? Read More.

The Year In Review

Another year has passed for Lifeline Business Solutions and it certainly has not come without its challenges. 2011 began with great optimism that we were finally climbing out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. We were hopeful that consumer confidence would return and business would begin to grow again. Read More.

Finding The Solution to Your Business Success

You have no doubt heard the expression, "Can't see the forest for the trees". I think this saying was conceived specifically for the reading of financial statements. It is easy to assess whether a company was profitable and has equity by just looking at the statements. But what about all the other factors that go to make a company successful? Read more.

What Is The Right Cash Flow Formula For Your Business?

I think we would all agree that Cash Flow is one, if not the most important element of your business operations. Too much and you are not maximizing your return on investment and too little may turn into that dreaded word – bankruptcy. So what is the right formula? Read More.

Salary Expense Is Your Road Map To Enhancing Profitability!

We know that salaries and wages is the largest single expense item on your Profit & Loss Statement. It represents your investment in the efficient operation of your company and can mean the difference between profit and loss. But is it just dollars and cents that dictate your success? Read more.

Is Your Business Stuck?

The word "STUCK" is not a very fancy business expression, but it can carry tremendous negative power. Sometimes the challenge of getting our business unstuck appears so overwhelming we will do anything to avoid having to confront the stuff that actually needs to be done. The feeling of being stuck is horrible and it breeds things like complacency, stress and vulnerability. You have heard the expression, sticking your head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away. It won't. So here's what to do.

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