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Separate Yourself From The Herd Mentality

Frank Rumbauskas, author of Never Cold Call, writes “I learned an interesting statistic the other day that:”

  • 1% of people become wealthy in their lifetimes
  • 4% become financially independent
  • The other 95% accomplish neither

Rumbauskas went on to say: “That means 95% of people are generally wrong.”  In other words, if you want to be successful do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  When you think about it, it makes sense.  I would bet that the people you know who are really financially successful typically think outside the box.  Read more.

Dealer Forum May 22, 2013

My goal with the Lifeline Business Solutions Dealer Newsletter is to talk about key subjects that will hopefully generate some new ideas on how you can run your business more profitably.

I think it is even more important for you to hear from your colleagues when the opportunity presents itself.  Let’s face it, who do you trust more – your contemporaries in business, and why not?  They are on the front lines living and breathing the business just like you.  Read more.

Learning From the Best!

It is tradition in our household to watch 60 Minutes every Sunday night.  We almost always learn something very enlightening and of value.  Some people don’t like 60 Minutes because their reporting can be controversial, lest we forget this was the TV show that got the 3 wheel ATV banned in North America in the mid 80’s.  Last night they interviewed a man by the name of Paul Tudor Jones who made his $3.6 billion fortune in the Hedge Fund market.  But his real claim to fame is the charity he set up and runs called the Robin Hood Foundation.  As I watched the interview some might call it an epiphany, or an awakening, but I call it my Ah Ha Moment.  Find out what made this interview so special.

How To Set The Right Goals

You have probably heard it said a thousand times that to be successful in business and in life you have to set goals.  I think it is something we all do sub-consciously, but do they have value?  It is easy to say you want make 2% more margin on units, increase your service department efficiency, sell more parts and accessories, or the big one, make more profit.  The question you have to ask yourself, can I substantiate these goals as achievable or are they just my wish list.  The answer is simple. Without foundation they are exactly that, a wish list.  Setting real obtainable goals is much more complex and requires some due diligence on your part.  Find out how.

Take The Mystery Out Of Managing A Successful Business

If you don’t think managing a successful business is a mystery, then you are kidding yourself.  There are so many elements that go into good management that you must be aware of and practice at all times.  I want to talk about just one that, in my opinion, makes the difference between success and failure.  Find out what it is.

Top 10 Ways to Guarantee Your Best People Will Quit

This was recently published through LinkedIn Today and I think it is a great reminder of how precious your employees are to your company.  Here are 10 ways to guarantee that your best people will quit:  Read More.

What Are Your New Year’s Business Resolutions?

They say “Better Late Than Never”, so even though we are half way through March, it’s not too late to do some soul-searching for those elusive New Year’s resolutions.  I would call it setting goals for the new year where others may call it resolutions.  Whatever term you use it starts with you the owner.  The Globe And Mail published a great article on five resolutions for small business entrepreneurs that I think captures the key elements required to enhance your profitability.  The best part is they won’t cost you a dime other that some time.  Find out what they are!


Zach Graham, President and Owner
International Motorcycle Brokers Inc.

It is rare in the Motorsport Industry that we find something that can make a significant difference in the way we manage our business, but I found it in Lifeline Business Solutions.


Rob Parker, President & Owner

Parker Marine Group, Nanaimo/Courtenay BC

Have you ever asked yourself, "why does this keep happening over and over?" We may try a different pitch yet we always seem to get the same result. Then comes one of the worst economic meltdowns ever and now that reward is a trip to the bank to pony up to keep it all going. Oh great! Where do we sign up again? Read More.

2012, A Year In Review

The end of a year always seems to be a good time for reflection. As we look forward to the New Year we think about our successes and the, "What ifs". As my optimism at the beginning of 2012 for a full economic recovery dissolved, it became even more apparent that a permanent change in the way we approach business is the key to our success. Read More.

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