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5 Ways To Ease The Pain Of Your System Conversion!

Does the thought of converting your Dealer Management System scare the heck out of you? It should – if you don’t adopt the old Boy Scouts motto, “Be Prepared.”

Over the past few years, about 50% of my clients have been, or are going through, this potentially painful process and I’ve come to understand that the repercussions of the decision to convert your Management Operating System can be enormous! The good news is that your level of preparedness, before you install a new system, can make the difference between you sleeping nights – or not!  Here’s what you need to do.

How Do You Stack Up Against Your Competition? Find Out?

Usually the first thing we think of when we talk about how you stack up against your competition by meeting Industry Targets, are Unit Sales.  At the end of every season you sit down with your manufacturer’s District Sales Manager and go through how many units, and what models, you are going to book for the next year.  Obviously, unit sales are the life blood of your business, but there are other critical industry insider targets that you must meet that will significantly make or break your profitability. Find out what they are.

Harvey Kroeker, Diamond Head Yamaha Testimonial

I am the owner of Diamond Head Yamaha in BC and have been a motorsport retail dealer for over 30 years.  I have seen my share of peaks and valleys in this industry, but the most recent recession presented some challenges I had never experienced before.  Read More.

Why It’s Time For A Change In Thinking!

What can manufacturers do to improve the growth of the Recreational Products Industry? In my opinion, too much has been left up to you, the dealer, to strengthen and grow the industry. I believe that manufacturers have always had a challenge in supporting the industry the way they should. So it is time for a change in thinking. Why?  It’s very simple. Read More.

Are You Killing Profits With Your Salaries Expense?

The most common profit killer I see when analyzing dealer financial statements is salaries. I wrote an article some time ago giving you the “secret formula” for calculating salaries expense. This article has since become the most visited article on my website and the subject is so important to your bottom line I thought I’d share this “secret formula” with you again. Here it is.

6 Key Things You Need To Sell Your Business

It is often said that everything is for sale for the right price.  Even if you are not in the market to sell your business, there are 6 key things you need to have in place at all times.   They are required to manage your business effectively and also there to take advantage of a potential buyer.  What are they?

8 Ways To Overcome Challenges That Prevent Your Company’s Growth

My definition of growth is not necessarily an increase in sales, but improved profitability.  I believe there are two scenarios that can inhibit growth.  The first is a company that is stuck at a level of operation that sees no growth and is not employing new operating and management skills to maximize profitability.  The second is a company that is experiencing a significant growth curve and is not equipped to handle it.  In both cases there are 8 ways to overcome these growth challenges.  Find out what they are.

Have You Prepared For Success?

A very famous and successful former head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team, Lou Holtz said “success comes with PREPARATION”.  For Coach Holtz, that meant practicing every day, improving his player’s skills, physical training, running plays and reviewing game tapes.  He said that without preparation, your chance of success in any of life’s endeavours is slim to none.  But how does this relate to your business?  Read More

Motivating Your Customers Through Your Website

I am by no means an expert when it comes to websites and, like most of you, am at the mercy of my web designer.  However, there are some easy tests you can do with your website to evaluate whether you are motivating potential customers to visit your dealership.  Read More.

Are You Receiving All The Money You Are Owed?

Running a dealership is no easy task.  You are constantly pulled in 10 different directions during your busiest time of year, so things are bound to slip through the cracks.  One of those dreaded issues I constantly see is unclaimed rebates.  I have no doubt you would be shocked to know how many manufacturer rebates go unclaimed every year.  So how do you ensure you get what you are owed?  Read More.

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