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Stewart Graham, President, Courtenay Motorsports, B.C says "Lifeline Business Solutions is the real deal and an essential resource for planning your business initiatives. I would highly recommend you give them a try''. Here's why

Ten ways to build customer loyalty

Every single dollar that you don't have to spend to get new customers can go straight to the bottom line, which means more profits. That's why you must treat your existing clients like gold and bring them back into the dealership time and again. Here's what you should be doing.

Why Successful Entrepreneurs Repeatedly 'Hit Their Mark'

Why is it that successful entrepreneurs seem to have a history of envious accomplishments while others tend to struggle? What is the driving force behind these people who seem to leave their path littered with various successes that come effortlessly to them! Read more to see why some people 'seem' to know how to build a business better than most and how you can easily acquire these skills!

Sales vs. Salaries - The Secret Formula!

If I we're to ask you "what is your highest expense on your Profit & Loss Statement"?  You would say "that's easy - salaries". But the BIGGER question, in order to maximize your profitability, is "do you know what your salary/wages expense should be as a percentage of gross sales"?  If you don't, then you could be in big trouble!  Read why

Rob Racine, J&B Cycle & Marine Co Ltd. calls Chris Brown "a truth serum"

Rob strongly recommends that any dealership, regardless of age or volume, explore their financial well being with the expertise provided by Chris and Lifeline Business Solutions. Read why now!

Getting Repeat & Referral Business

So here's a fair question. Why do you do business with those that you do? Sometimes it's easier and more telling to look at the attributes and drawbacks of others than of ourselves in order to gain insight into how we can live up to the promise of our value proposition.

Making Your Business Run Better and More Profitably

If you're like most Dealers and small business owners you're constantly looking for new ways to introduce less stress and more success into both your business and personal lives. Here's what to do 

Seeing Is Believing: A Case Study

In recent articles, I have written about the need for dealership owners to become Financial Managers, but what does that mean?  Financial management can have a number of definitions, but essentially it means analyzing your year end and monthly statements in detail so you can understand how your company is performing and make timely adjustments to be more profitable. 

As the saying goes, "just because you say it's so - does not make it so" and as I wrote in my last article, you as business owners have an obligation to be sceptical of any new service that is introduced to the market.  Consequently, I wanted to share the success of one of my clients to demonstrate the power of being a Financial Manager.

New Year's Resolutions

Ah, tis the season for New Year's resolutions – lose weight, exercise more, get together with friends more often.  Do resolutions have value?  Even if you don't achieve all of your resolutions, I think they bring into focus your goals for the coming year and you can't succeed without goals.  What about those business resolutions?  Normally I would ask you what your business resolutions are for 2011 and offer some opinions on what I think they should be, but this year I thought I would share mine.

Protecting Your Profitability

As business people we have an obligation to be skeptical when a new service is introduced to the industry so I think you will find Stewart Graham of Courtenay Motorsports testimonial an important validation of what Lifeline Business Solutions offers to the Motorsports and Marine dealers.

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Lisa Marie on Chris Brown, Lifeline Business Solutions

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"When it comes to Finance and Commercial Credit, he is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. No one I know has more in-depth experience or understands distribution finance better than Chris"

- Joe Conte, Canadian Counsel, Textron Financial Canada Limited

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