Top 10 Ways to Get Your Newsletter Read

I'm a big fan of newsletters. They're a bit like muffins - quick and easy to create and everyone likes them - that's if you get the recipe right and they don't take 20 minutes to consume.

To be consumed, just like muffins, newsletters need the right balance of ingredients and should be easy to digest, be satisfying and provide a quick fix. Here’s my recipe.

Making muffins is a complete waste of time if nobody wants to eat them and writing newsletters too is a complete waste of time if nobody wants to read them. Here's my recipe for writing newsletters that get read!

  1. Be brief, be pertinent, be current, be respectful of your readers' time
  2. Use bullet points as this makes it easier for a reader to digest your content
  3. Provide links for longer items. This allows the reader to decide for themselves if they want to read the whole item.
  4. Give your reader value for their time. Give them information that's served up smart and sassy, that they can use that same day.
  5. Include a brief customer testimonial that your reader will be able to relate to.
  6. Be consistent in style, layout and when you send out your newsletter (Monthly, weekly etc.)
  7. Always remember when writing your newsletter that it's not about what's in it for you - it's about what's in it for your reader.
  8. Don't be afraid to use humour, particularly if it makes a point that your reader will relate to.
  9. Split your mailing list into groups that would appreciate similar content - then write separate newsletters with content that would appeal to each of these different groups.
  10. Write Top 10 lists like this one.

Build The Relationship

So now that you’ve got your audience hooked, how do you continue to keep the momentum flowing?  By becoming increasingly involved in the lives of your subscribers (in a non-creepy way, of course). 

Schedule a series of emails designed to enrich the worlds of those receiving it, and make each one useful enough to stand alone or be forwarded on to a friend without causing confusion.

Another way to be certain that subscribers equate each email with a personal communication from you (and not some impersonal email robot somewhere far away) is to be sure that your messages are branded to match your business. 

If you use a certain colour scheme, logo, or font on your website, try to incorporate that into the design of your emails, too.  (This is just one reason why you’ll want to carefully vet email subscription services before you commit.  Not all email templates are customizable.) Not only are you keeping a continual conversation through the emails, but you are helping to develop brand recognition—which will likely come in handy when customers are faced with the decision of who to buy from.

Pick your email service early on

There are many email services dealers can choose from to get started with a mailing list, and they each have their perks.  Some charge you based on the number of subscribers you have.  Others charge you for photo hosting, access to more polished-looking templates, or for the ability to produce detailed reports and analytics data.  Take some time to research what you’ll need—not just now—but also in the future.

Capture, Capture, Capture

Mailing lists are one example where bigger is usually better. While it’s desirable to gain as many “qualified” leads as possible, there will always be time to pare down your initial contact list into a more focused group of targeted buyers at a later date. 

Your first concern with achieving a successful email list is to get emails.  Period.  Make sure that every possible mode of contact with your customer has the option for them to sign up, (including every page of your website) and keep it easy and painless for them to do so.  Ask for their email and maybe a name, but no more. You want to keep it legal and not SPAM them but…you want that email!

One last thing…..always, always, always make a special offer - you'll get a higher response  from your readers!

Need more help getting started or taking your newsletter campaign to the next level? Call me for your free consult.

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