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How to Recognize Your Four Main Profit Killers

There are four key areas of your recreational products business operations you must pay strict attention to if you are not going to fall prey to your “Four Profit Killers”.  Find out right now what they are.

Is Your Purchasing Power In Place For 2015?

January is probably the most critical time in the business cycle for Recreational Product Dealers to secure their purchasing power for 2015.  It is hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner, so whether you are a Marine, RV or Motorsport Dealer your selling season will depend on getting adequate credit in place now to purchase the  inventory you will need to meet your sales forecast.  Find out what you need to do


How Can Less Inventory = More Profit?

One of the most important success factors for your business is the effective management of your dealerships inventory.  This is no small task in the recreational products industry because of the seasonality of most of the products you sell and, of course, none of us have control over Mother Nature!  However, there are a number of “tricks of the trade” you need to know that can help you maintain the ideal inventory to maximize profits. 


Finally, Something To Smile About

I think we can all agree that snowmobilers are a hard core group that have undying enthusiasm regardless of the cost or conditions.  The problem has been that over the last couple of decades, weather or more correctly snow conditions have not been very conducive to growing the sport. 

Who Else Is Going Bankrupt This Year?

Last year alone, exactly 123,103 Canadians and businesses went bankrupt. That makes the odds pretty good that you know someone who went under!  Pretty close to home isn’t it?

Bankruptcy is one of those nasty expressions I think of as a four letter word.  No one wants to think about it let alone talk about it but in today’s economy, it is a cold hard fact! There are, however, four critical action steps you can take now to avoid becoming a bankruptcy statistic. Find out what they are before it’s too late.

Why It’s Sometimes Better To Be The Underdog

I don’t think you’d argue with the fact that month in and month out, we in the Recreational Products Industry have to deal with plenty of unfair and significant challenges. Sometimes, it seems to me that we’re kind of the underdogs to our cousins in similar industries. That’s a good thing according to renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, who claims it’s often better to be the underdog to achieve greater success.  Find out why.

What You Can Learn From This Dealers Failure

The word FAILURE is a very powerful expression that can have many negative connotations.  If you listen to the experts, they will tell you that sometimes you have to fail to learn how to succeed. That may be true but when a dealer told me that he was closing his doors, I felt the sting of his failure and wanted to know why. You can find out why here.

The Small Business Owner’s Retirement Dilemma

You’ve poured a lifetime of sweat, time and many dollars into building your business. Your Dealership has a solid net worth and is running like clockwork. You may even be thinking about retiring…about selling your dealership for a good price, settling back, and enjoying a financially secure retirement. But, like many business owners, have you made the mistake of assuming this scenario will just happen? Have you really thought through how to make your retirement a reality? Read more.

Got Consent? – You Better Get Ready!

So, you’re having a special promotion, a service offer, or you’ve got some really great new 2014 models coming in to your Dealership and you want to e-mail your customers and prospects with the big news!  After all, they probably want to know about this, right? Well, effective July 1, you can’t. That’s right; you can’t e-mail them and let them know!  It will be against the law. Ridiculous you say? I agree, but you’d better be prepared and, you’d better keep reading!

How To Reel in the Credit $$$’s You’ll Need For 2014

If you want or need to improve your ROI, and if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to prepare for your profitability by planning to secure the credit you’re going to need for the balance of this year! Whether you’re a Marine, Motorsports or RV Dealer, the principles of acquiring credit to operate your business are the same. Find out what you need to do.

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