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How to Get Moving When You're Stuck!

Sometimes our workload appears so overwhelming we go a long way out of our way in order to avoid ever having to confront the stuff that actually needs to be done. It all amounts to sticking your head in the sand and hoping the original problem simply goes away. It won't. So here's what to do.

Why Take More Interest in Interest?

For your tip of the month, the next highest expense on your Profit & Loss Statement after salaries is typically your Interest and Bank Charges.  This is the one we hate the most because we feel like we have nothing to show for this expense – in other words its money down the drain.  Interest and bank charges are unavoidable but can be controlled. Read how.

The Power of Following up - Say What You're Going to Do and Then Do It!

It never ceases to amaze me how few business people make the time to follow-up after they have made initial contact with a prospect or customer. This got me wondering...why don't people follow-up? I think there are several reasons. Read why

How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Even while you creatively imitate others, remember that it's also important to be different. Distinguish your business or practice from all the rest. Make your enterprise special in the eyes of your customer or client. That is the goal I want you to pursue. Here's how

Failing to Plan Is Planning To Fail

If you're like me you simply want to do a great job for great customers, earn an honest income and make your business more profitable. The fact is that to achieve this you need to plan your work and work your plan. Without a well thought out business plan, your dreams can quickly turn into nightmares. Find out why

Delivering on Your Promise

Gentlemen on horseback called highwaymen roamed the roads and countryside of Merrie Olde England with the sole objective of robbing carriages and their occupants of their valuables. "Stand and Deliver" was their command when they forced a carriage to a halt. Loosely updated this meant "get out and give me all your good stuff or I'll kill you". Read more.

The 5 C's of Small Business Loans Qualification

When banks start to tighten lending to the small business market, they look to reduce the risk of issuing a small business loan. To qualify, a small business must understand the risk assessment processes bankers use in loan determinations. Bankers making a loan approval will review a small business in the context of the 5 C's for small business loans and credit as follows. Read more

"You Are Not Alone"

We tend to believe that the struggles we face in business are ours alone and are unique to our own situation and organization.  As a result, we feel that we are all alone to deal with these challenges.  However, in this industry there is a common thread that ties us all together – one that has been frustrating dealer growth and profitability for years. Read More.

10 Tips to Take Your Customer Service from Drab to Fab

It happens all the time: A full-page ad is placed in a major monthly publication. The ad touts the service excellence of their product. Catchy phrases. Great promises. Major dollars are spent to create an implied image in the mind of the consumer. And it's all a complete waste if promises made are not promises kept at the point of sale and if your customer doesn't walk away happy!  Here's why

Want to Grow Your Business? Manage the Pipe!

If your business is like many entrepreneurial organizations, its success has a lot to do with your pipeline of opportunities. Have enough in the pipeline at all times, and no matter what the timing of particular deals is, revenue will follow. Read more

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